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Let’s create a team dedicated solely to your family’s happiness and your business success

What We Do


Without a plan guiding your way, unexpected things seem worse than they are.


Engineer your risk, so that economic growth increases your wealth.


Retirement is bad for you. No one survives. Live your best life now.


Taxes must be paid. Spend just the right amount and it will hurt less.


Team work provides a way for everyone dedicated solely to your family to win.

Care for Aging

It’s scary taking care of mom. You want to do the right things. We’ll help.

Legacy and
Family Wealth

When someone hears your name, your legacy appears. Take care of loved ones, even when you can’t be there.

Local Experts

Specialized experts in healthcare, aging, exercise, nutrition and more more.

“A man is rich in proportion to the things
he can afford to leave alone”

-Henry David Thoreau (1817 – 1862)


Here’s what it’s like to have a
LifeStream™ Family Office Experience

Your Team, Your Plan, Your Vision.

But mostly, it’s a feeling of relaxation.

​Knowing that your family’s financial house has been designed, built and administered by some really great people. Your people.

​See who we are!

“Wealth is about more than money. LifeStream is about “Living with Abundance.”

Build the financial house of your dreams safer, and sooner with One Clear Path. Leverage experience, expertise and freedom to do more of what lights you up.


“Joy is what happens when you realize
how good things really are”

-Marianne Williamson


We’ve designed a relationship that put client’s interests first
in all matters, without compromise. We’ve eliminated conflicts inherent in
traditional commission compensation. Our mission is to serve families
instead of sell to them.

Biohacking Retirement: The State of the Art for Functional Medicine, Nutrition and Exercise.

“Biohacking” is the scientific pursuit of better health, physiology and state of mind. We’re looking to turn back the biological clock on age and reduce the chances of developing dementia. Local and nationally known experts to put clients on a path to driving the best health possible at any age. Part of our process is to evaluate and come up with a strategy for improving stamina, resilience and brain power in order to give you the chance to truly enjoy the life you want for yourself and that you’ve worked for. We collaborate with medical doctors, nutritionists, coaches and trainers in order to give you the best support for your personal journey.

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